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Leslie Fye

Wife, mother, hope barterer, grounded in my sweet community, & very comfortable in my simple life :)

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    Join the Postcard Posse

    Are you a "quick draw" when it comes to supporting pro-public education candidates? Then, we need your help! The MSPEPAC Postcard Posse leads the charge in sending hand-written "Get Out the Vote!" postcards supporting our endorsed candidates in the days leading up to the primary and general election. These postcards have been very effective for increasing voter turnout in our target legislative races. 

    How it works

    When a need for postcards arises, our MSPEPAC team will notify the Posse and request volunteers. You'll determine your availability and the number of postcards you would like to write for each race. Once you sign up, you'll provide the plain, stamped postcards and your brilliant "get out the vote" messages in support of an endorsed candidate. We'll provide your designated number of voter addresses. It's as easy as that!

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    BECOME A MEMBER for just $2!

    When you JOIN Mississippi Public Education PAC, you’re taking the first step in standing up for Mississippi public schools. Your contribution works with the donations of hundreds of other everyday Mississippians to elect pro public education legislators. Plus, we’ll keep you informed about endorsed candidates and upcoming elections, legislative action alerts, and opportunities to get more involved. DONATE $2 (or $22, or $222!) and be a part of #TeamPublicSchools!